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In, My Personal Links, are sites that are of interest to me. Click on the following underlined text to go to the sites that are of interest to you.

Here is a place to pick your own apples, peaches, pears, sweet and sour cherries on Fix Brothers Fruit Farm, located in the heart of the Hudson Valley in the state of New York. Fix Brothers Fruit Farm is 130 miles north of New York City, NY and 45 miles south of Albany, NY. Plan on coming to the Hudson Valley for a vacation and while you are here, stop by the farm during the summer months to pick your own sweet cherries, sour cherries and peaches. Click here and enjoy.

Here is the official site for Harry Carey Jr, where you can learn about one of the best horsemen and actors in Hollywood who is a legend in his own time and should have been given more recognition for his abilities.

Here is a Home Page of Actor, Sir Sean Connery

Let the world know what your TravelerIQ is! These patches are designed to be included anywhere you would like! You can add them to your other blogging accounts or websites. For this game you earned a Traveler IQ of: 127

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A Link to the Elks Organization(BPOE) A worthwhile place to be a member and have great fellowship.

Here is a site to search for Bible scriptures using the following logo.
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