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Parkes Observatory
operated by the Australia Telescope National Facility

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SIRTF: A Name in Space

The SIRTF Science Center, on behalf of the SIRTF Project Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, invites you to submit a nomination to name NASA's newest infrared observatory. When launched in July 2002, it will complete the family of NASA Great Observatories.

The following photo and explanation, is from Alexis Brandecker's Gallery of Photo's.

Total Solar Eclipse 1999

Total Solar Eclipse 1999

The photograph of the total solar eclipse is from the 11:th of August, 1999 from the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. A solar eclipse is difficult to photograph because of the large dynamic range of the light from it. Close to the limb you find the relatively strong red prominences. Outside there is the solar corona, fairly strong nearby but fading very quickly although extending several solar radii. To get the whole dynamic range well exposed in a single exposure is impossible with available photographic film, unless you have some sort of a radial filter; either the inner part gets over exposed, or the outer gets under exposed. Instead, in this image, I combined four exposures with exposure times of 1/60:th, 1/2, 1 and 2 seconds. I've put the photographs together digitally and enhanced contrast at different intensity levels by using an unsharp mask.

The images were taken through a refractor telescope of focal length 900 milimetre on Kodachrome 64 film in company with Markus Jönsson, Martin Rehn and Mattias Widmark whom I travelled together with to Bulgaria to watch the eclipse.

The Flag of Earth created by James Cadle
The Flag has been flown at all SETI sites throughout the world. Click to go to his Link