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My Name: Lee Hatfield

My Address:  (Near Albany, which is the Capital City of NY State)

My E-Mail Address:

Objective: Supply info and help others learn of the SETI Project, by using your PC(Personal Computer) for the Scientific endeavor, to possibly find out, if there is intelligent life to contact, in outer space.

Owner/Moderator at seti2 Group at Yahoo. Founder at Yahoo SETI Club Team. Founder at lehat10's Other SETI Club And builder of this site here.
I am trying to get our affiliated SETIWEB.ORG site updated, when I learn more about FTP.

I am retired from  Lucent

People from other areas think I live in NY City, when I say I live in NY State. No problem. I just try to explain that Albany is the capital and it is about 150 miles north of the Big Apple, on the eastern side of the state. We are about 25 miles from the borders of Vermont and Mass. Here is a Link to click on, about the byways of the "Empire State".

Looking to add to this site, for the use and help to others with a common interest.

Future use