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Computer hints for speed & or protection.
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BTW: As far as Tips, go.
Do you folks use Yahoo!?
I do. And they have many great features that I like, besides their Messenger and email service.
Anti-Spyware is one that can be added on your Companion tool bar.
If use the internet, you are tracked with cookies. With their Anti-Spy you can use their "Remove" feature to get rid of them and make your system run faster and with less annoyances. There is also an "Allow" button for those cookies you want to save, like BOINC.
Don't forget to Click on "Tools" at the top of the page when online, then, "Internet Options," and click on "Delete Files" to speed up your computer and help to clean it up and make it work faster.
Remember, too that  a quick re-boot, by holding Ctrl and Alt keys and hit delete a few times will refresh the computer and clear it up. Beware tho: You will lose any Windows that you have open and are working on, so make sure you are prepared for this by closing out the Windoze(pun). A re-boot is especially good if you have Freeze ups and things are not working right.
You can then go a step further then. Do the Scan Disk then Defragment features.
Click on Start, Accessories, System Tools, Scan Disk.
After the computer does a Scan Disk follow the steps again with Start, etc and click on Disk Defragmenter to put files in order. This may take about an hour or longer, so be prepared.
Be patient with it and watch for any instructions you are given.
You will be surprised at how much better it runs if you are having problems. It may help your S@h/BOINC Projects run better and faster.

Hints for running the seti at home Project.
To start with for more speed and better running efficiency have at least, a 1GB Processor with at least 256 MB of RAM. A good video card is a good thing to have, too.

Don't use background programs. If anything is running in the background on your computer, like a Virus checker, stop it while doing the WU's. It is robbing your power, like Windows Task Manager. I have heard of no one getting a virus from using S@h/BOINC projects, yet. I go to bed and let it run all night  and it transfers the data automatically.
If there is a Thunderstorm in your area, it is best to shut down your computer, or any other electric compoment, that can be damaged with a power hit, or surge. A good surge protector  is a must for your equipment, for those times you are not able to pull the plug and save the equipment, like when sleeping or at work.
If you do see something running in your task bar by the clock, it is taking up processing cycles and if you don't need it, stop running it, or delete it.   
The older computers are slow and built with a bare minimum in them. Even Bill Gates said, some years ago, 'that he saw no reason that a person would ever need more than 8 MB of RAM.'  Times have changed.
Upgrade is the key to a better, faster and more capable computer, that you will be happy with. For less than $500., US dollars, you can get some real good name brand stuff. Prices have come down for the parts and now the manufacturers have come down on prices drastically, to about $500 USD.Until then,  an  upgrade was the most economical and surest way to go and then you knew that you had quality stuff.
I replaced my Gateway 300 mhz processor, that came with it in the tower and installed an AMD Processor that has around 1500mhz(about 1.5 GB) I also upgraded to 256 RAM and a newer video card to replace the one they had installed that was obsolete.
Then to connect to the internet, perhaps the ultimate is to find an ISP that has the new speedier DSL phone line service, or one that is on Cable. If you have Cable TV, ask your provider if you can have cable broadband for your computer, then watch the power and speed that you can download etc on the net.
I hear DSL, that is available through some phone companies, is a lot better than the old land line connections.  
Then get with a good Group that is willing to help and pass info along, such as seti2 Group at Yahoo . Also, join a Team, like our Yahoo SETI Club Team, to pool your WU's(Work Unit's) together as a team and watch the team grow.
 Best wishes in the search and help for Science and mankind.
 Lee Hatfield

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