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Welcome message for the Yahoo seti2 Group

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This is our Welcome Message and guidelines for the seti2 Group at Yahoo!

Welcome to the SETI club at Yahoo!, now named seti2 Group, due to the Yahoo! merger

We are a global group of people all with a common interest...S@h/BOINC SETI@home The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. BOINCBerkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing  BOINC lets you donate computing power to scientific research projects such as: study climate change Einstein@home: search for gravitational signals emitted by pulsars LHC@home: improve the design of the CERN LHC particle accelerator Predictor@home: investigate protein-related diseases Rosetta@home: help researchers develop cures for human diseases SETI@home: Look for radio evidence of extraterrestrial life Cell Computing biomedical research (Japanese; requires nonstandard client software) World Community Grid: advance our knowledge of human disease. (Requires 5.2.1 or greater) Our Group is family oriented and open to everyone interested in the SETI and or BOINC Projects, Space and Astronomy.

It is Not about UFO's, or Paranormal. There are other Groups for those discussions.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence began in 1960 with a very limited microwave search run by Dr. Frank Drake (also the originator of the famous Drake equation).  Although U.S. Government funding for SETI research was cut by a short-sighted Congress in 1993, SETI is alive and well through privately funded microwave and optical spectrum searches run by the SETI Institute, Harvard University, the U.C Berkeley, the SETI Australia Centre, The Planetary Society(TPS) and  The SETI League.  One search of particular interest to us is the SETI@home distributed computing project that allows the public to actually participate in the search for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Most of us here run a program that analyzes radio signals from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico in the hopes of detecting a signal of extra-terrestrial origin. You can obtain the program as well as information on how this all works at the official SETI@home website. The project is run by scientists from the University of California at Berkeley.

For those of you that have all ready been crunching along and have questions or comments, please post them in the Group. There is usually someone around with an answer or who can at least get you pointed in the right direction. (Please see posting rules below). We are there to help each other. There is also a chat room if you would like to stop in and get to know one another. Message Board discussions there are about SETI in general and not just SETI@home. Astronomy and Space is allowed, too.  (Chat is open to all discussion, not just SETI.)

 Although there are some people that do believe in UFO's, alien abductions, and the like, most of our members feel that the scientific evidence for this type of contact with alien civilizations is very weak.  The distances between star systems are so vast that any first contact will almost certainly come in the form of electromagnetic waves propagating at the speed of light.

Other Club Resources.

Several years ago, several members got together and created a site for SETI enthusiasts. The site was maintained by the late Dan Kennedy. With his passing away, the site needed a new home.  Dr. Robert Lodder of  the Analytical Spectroscopy Reasearch Group at the University of  Kentucky offered his assistance.  It was restored and updated by Carolyn Ehlen and was then maintained by Lee Hatfield. email:

There was outages at that site and this site was set up to allow continued and useful info for the membership and the projects. It contains information and links related to SETI, BOINC, Astrobiology and Space Sciences.  I try to keep the site up to date with articles, news, links, tips on how to run SETI@home more efficiently.  If you have suggestions or would like to help out with this cooperative project, let us know. 

Posting Guidelines for Yahoo seti2 Group

- Topics should relate in a general way to SETI, BOINC, Space, Astronomy, or Astrobiology.  Science topics that deal with space exploration, or discovery are fine, though tangential.  If discussions become protracted, we will recommend that they move to other discussion  boards.  Wildly off topic messages or SPAM will be removed, as we find them.  Repeated Self-Promotion will be considered Spam and removed as will the Poster.

- The Group tries to maintain a friendly environment that is suitable for all ages.  Please mind your manners and keep your posts clean.   Disagreement is fine but please do not resort to ad hominem attacks.  Members that abuse our message board, or other areas of the Group will be deleted and kicked out of our Group.

- Members of this Group form a community from many countries, cultures and backgrounds.  We respect and value this diversity and ask all to refrain from engaging in political or nationalistic discussions.

Club Team

The club also sponsors a high ranked  team named Yahoo SETI Club Team in the S@h clubs category.  Anyone participating in the SETI@home project is welcome to join our team, but does not have to in order to participate in the Group.  Joining a team does not affect your personal stats.

Visit the seti2 Group at Yahoo!.

(last updated 11/12/2002)

Questions or comments can be sent to 

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