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SETI/BOINC Club/Group site

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Kepler Mission. A NASA search for habitable planets.

Mark Collins has a Group about the Kepler Mission. Here is a copy of his Home Page message, where you can join his Group: "There is a NASA mission called the Kepler Mission which will detect Earth-sized exoplanets. This club is for those interested in finding out whether the Universe is full of Earth-Like planets or whether the Earth is rare and we may possibly be living on the only inhabited planet in our galaxy."

Space and Science from

NASA's Origins Program

NASA TV Watch NASA TV now on the Web. (Needs Real Player.)

Science@nasa home page. Take a look at "Todays story" on their Link by clicking on this text.

Your astronomical calendar and information system. The astronomical calendar contains thousands of events per day for every point on earth.

An award winning daily science radio series with Deborah Byrd and Joel Block discuss popular science subjects that affect our everyday lives.

Ask An Astronomer. We love astronomy, and want to share it with you! That's why we welcome new questions from K-12 students, teachers, and the general public. We're graduate students at Lick Observatory.

The California & Carnegie Planet Search: What we measure at the telescope is a change in the wavelength in light coming from a star over the course of days, months, and years. This changing wavelength is the Doppler shift of the light, resulting from the star orbiting a common center of mass with a companion planet. As an example, Jupiter's orbit causes a slight wobble in our Sun, introducing velocity changes of about 12 meters per second.

JST Virtual Science Center. Search for ETI. Are humans alone in the Universe? This is a great site for children and where we can learn more about the SETI Project. Many Links and info available here. Just click on this text.

The SERENDIP project (Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations) of the University of California, Berkeley.

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Another SETI search is going on at Univ Kentucky
Astrobiology in the ASRG/Performing SETI Data Analysis. Click on the banner to view the site

In December, 1903, on the sands of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, through planning and perseverance, the Wright brothers achieved the milestone of manned, controlled, powered flight.